"If you are looking for someone to handle your DUI case, John                                                        Hornbeck is the attorney for you. John made the process STRESS                                                  FREE. Before I spoke to John, I didnt know where to begin, what to                                                 do, etc. When I first consulted with John about my case, he went step                                               by step on the process and set the expectations from the beginning.                                                   

From that point, I felt comfortable trusting his legal advice. He was consistent with providing me with updates and I knew exactly what was going on with my case. With his legal counsel and representation, he was able to have my charges dropped from a DUI charge to reckless driving. I am VERY thankful for his assistance and I strongly recommend him to everyone."

    John M. Hornbeck

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"Mr. Hornbeck helped me protect my license when I needed it. He is trustworthy and will communicate with you 24/7 if needed. His knowledge of protecting licensed professionals stems from the beginning of his career and years later where he makes sure his clients have the best chance at getting through this difficult time. Throughout this stressful process, Mr. Hornbeck kept reassuring me what to expect and made it simple to understand by using his easy guide to the legal process. He will not stop fighting for his clients until there is a solution and will negotiate the best outcome. If you know anyone in need of protecting a license, he is your man."

"Thank you again John for all you have done to help my daughter through this process. I am deeply appreciative. Your talents have taken so much pressure off of me, you have no idea. You have been such a comfort to [name removed] though all of this."

"Attorney John Hornbeck had been attentive and empathetic to my legal needs when he worked on my case.  I was able to freely communicate with him which alleviated my nervousness of the situation. I would recommend John Hornbeck to future clients." 

"I want to share my experience with John Hornbeck, Esq. In a time when my rights were challenged, I felt powerless and caught in a situation which needed professional help. John Hornbeck was the right person. My wife and I were separated and living apart when she came to my residence and then maliciously and falsely accused me of domestic violence. I was arrested and detained in jail overnight. Suddenly, everything I worked for was in jeopardy, my career and professional licenses were in danger. I did not know what to do? A friend recommended Mr. Hornbeck to represent me. Mr. Hornbeck worked with me and kept me up-to-date on every aspect of my case. He communicated with the district attorney and was always prepared and on-time to court and meetings. The outcome of my case was “no file.”I believe had I not had Mr. Hornbeck represent me that I would have lost my license and my career with a less informed and less caring attorney. It is the legal expertise, the dedication and level-headedness of John Hornbeck, Esq. that I will always be grateful for. He is what every lawyer should strive to be. I am truly fortunate to have Mr. Hornbeck on my side."

"Thank you John for all of your support and guidance during these challenging times. I could not have gotten through these difficulties without you., It was very reassuring to know that I could text you or call at any time with questions or concerns and how comforting it was that you always provided a quick response. My family and I felt you went above and beyond to assist us and are extremely grateful to you. We would highly recommend your services. We wish you much continued success."